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  • 22 July 2013, 15:40

German tourists in naked fountain strip

Naked /Europics

A group of overweight German tourists raised eyebrows on a trip to Switzerland - when they stripped off and plunged into a fountain to cool down.

The tourists had been taking snaps in Lyss town centre when one of them took off his trousers and climbed into the fountain to cool off.

He was soon joined by his pals and when they realised the fountain had made all their clothes wet, they stripped off completely while they waited for their clothes to dry.

And they ended up in the frame themselves when another tourist took this snap, and posted it on the internet.

One local from Lyss said. "It was hot at 30C, but not that hot. The Germans don't need much of an excuse to strip off though. I don't think they had even been drinking."

In the end they dressed and left without anyone making a fuss, and a local council spokesman said. "They were not noisy, we don't encourage it but it was a bit of a change and they were only there 30 minutes."