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  • 30 January 2013, 10:59

Giant eagle owl terrorises Inverness

Eagle owl /PA

A European eagle owl has been causing a major flap in a Scottish city centre by terrorising passing pedestrians.

Police have warned the public to keep clear of the massive bird of prey, which is being blamed for two attacks in Inverness.

The owl, which has a 6ft wingspan, is believed to have escaped from an aviary or been released into the wild, reports The Scotsman.

Crowds of twitchers have been drawn to Castle Street in the Highland capital, where the bird has regularly been seen.

Two men say they have been attacked by the owl in recent days. One of them was knocked out and left in a pool of blood.

Local expert Tommy Horne, who runs an owl sanctuary, has been trying to catch the creature.

He has been attempting to grab the bird with a large net and has been offering it dead rabbits as bait.

Mr Horne said: "I will keep trying. I've never failed yet, but he seems to be well-fed at the moment. There is a plentiful supply of pigeons about."

He said the bird may have been looking for food when he swooped on the two men who were attacked.

But he added: "I've been working with birds for 25 years and I've never heard of an eagle owl attacking anyone."