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  • 21 December 2012, 13:16

Giant hog renders reindeer redundant

Santa bike /Rex

Santa's got a new sleigh - and it's got room for ten.

Rudolph may have been rendered redundant by this seven-engined, four-wheeled, 24.5ft long Santa transporter.

The brainchild of Steve 'Doc' Hopkins, it is actually a history of motorcycle company Harley-Davidson on wheels.

Dubbed Timeline, it features all the iconic U.S. firm's air-cooled big-twin motors from 1909 to present.

The beast has two front wheels and two drive wheels at the rear and boasts 40ft of chain.

Amazingly, the monster hog is roadworthy and has completed a 900-mile, fully laden trip between 'Doc' Hopkin's Wisconsin motorcycle dealership and Sturgis, North Dakota.