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  • 5 February 2013, 10:41

Girl, 6, stole mum's BMW car

Police /Rex

A six-year-old girl stole her mum's BMW car while she slept because she wanted to see her dad.

The little girl drove for nearly half a mile on icy roads across Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before crashing into two cars and a pole.

Luckily she was not hurt and nobody else was injured in the accident.

Police Sergeant. Jerry Parker told local TV news: "The girl decided she wanted to visit her father, who lived in a different location.

"She picked up the car keys and got in the car and drove away. How she knew how to operate a car - your guess is as good as mine."

Passer-by Rommie Hawkins, a former American footballer at the University of Tennessee, chased the car when he saw how young the driver was.

"I was like, 'Stop, stop, stop'. She looked at me, and she took back off and she stopped again, so I started running up the hill, telling her to stop, and she was going and stopping, going and stopping," he said.

After the car crashed, the girl clambered out of the wreckage without a scratch. She was crying and asking for her father.

"I was up there to grab her and pull her out. I turned the key off and put the car in park. She was still trying to drive," said Mr Hawkins.

Police are investigating whether the girl's mother should be charged for allowing the girl to leave her care.