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  • 19 December 2012, 12:25

Golden eagle 'snatches toddler'

An incredible clip of a golden eagle apparently trying to snatch a toddler from a park is going viral online.

More than 1.2million people have watched the YouTube clip, filmed in Montreal, Canada, in less than 12 hours. WARNING: Video contains swear word.

The video, posted to YouTube by MrNuclearCat, appears to show a golden eagle swooping down and lifting the toddler off the ground, before dropping the child.

However, many users are sceptical over whether or not it is genuine.

The clip begins with the massive eagle circling a public park - said to be the city's Mount Royal.

Suddenlyit swoops down and appears to lift an unsuspecting toddler off the ground by its coat and carry it a few feet before dropping it on the grass.

After cursing in English, the French-speaking man filming the incident drops the camera and races over to comfort the bewildered child.