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  • 15 May 2012, 12:55

Guard dog with a difference

Enzo /Rex

A South African businessman has got himself some extra protection - a Bengal tiger called Enzo.

The 330lb big cat lives with owner Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie at their home in Brakpan.

They had always wanted a pet tiger - but decided to get one after twice being targeted by armed robbers.

"I feel much safer with Enzo in the house than without him," said Mr Jamison. "I wanted a tiger and then I got one."

One-year-old Enzo is actually a big baby who sleeps with Mr Jamison in his bed, has a cat box and enjoys eating on the kitchen counter.

He gets bottle-fed twice a day as well as consuming around 4kg of meat. He eats rice with chicken or mince alongside the couple's three dogs, with whom he is apparently good friends.

Not long after Enzo arrived, police and officers from the department of nature conservation arrived on their doorstep to check him out.

Mr Jamison added: "Everybody wanted to come and rescue the tiger." However, after officials found nothing amiss, Enzo was allowed to stay.