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  • 12 July 2012, 9:56

Health officials ban poison pizzas

Poison pizza /Europics

Pizzas made with a topping of poisons from spiders, scorpions and snakes have been banned by health officials in Switzerland.

Chef Ismail Ertekin used tiny amounts of poisons from homeopathic remedies in toppings at his restaurant in Zurich.

Mr Ertekin, who previously made the headlines by serving up pizzas topped with real gold flakes, insisted his latest gimmick was harmless.

"Preservatives in foods are much more damaging than my poison pizzas," he insisted.

"They were really popular, especially with people who have a phobia of spiders or snakes. They used the pizza as a way to get over their fears."

But health officials were quick to investigate the 'poison pizzas' and Mr Ertekin was soon ordered to take them off the menu.

Environmental Health Officer Ferdinand Uehli said: "Medicinal products are not food stuffs and are not allowed to be an ingredient in food.

"Therefore we had to ban the pizzas. The pizza in reality contained very little poison."