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  • 2 January 2013, 10:04

Hogmanay - Hollywood-style

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter /PA

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter celebrated New Year's Eve - with a five-a-side football match at a Scottish leisure centre.

Bonham Carter played in goal, wearing a patterned dress and boots, during the hour-long match while her bearded partner looked on enthusiastically from the sidelines.

Staff at at Forfar's Lochside Leisure Centre were left stunned by their unexpected guests after a picture of the couple, posted on Angus Leisure's Facebook page, went viral.

Receptionist Helen Torrie said the couple were guests of David Ogilvy, the son and heir to the 13th Earl of Airlie, whose 60,000-acre estate is near Kirriemuir.

"David Ogilvy regularly books the main hall at the centre for a five-a-side football match on Hogmanay, and it's become a bit of an Airlie tradition," she said.

"Lauren Cameron, our young trainee receptionist, was sitting at the other side of me and looking at the couple who were also there.

"After I had finished serving them, Lauren was jumping up and down and saying: "That's Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton."

"I just said to her: "You look very like Helena Bonham Carter", and she just turned round and said: "Well, that's because I am".

"Helena was playing with a dress and boots on, and I believe she was in goal for a while. Tim was more of a spectator. It seemed a lot of fun.

"Their visit was the talk of the town last night. It certainly made Forfar's New Year."