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  • 15 July 2011, 9:25

How to get men to do more DIY

Plumbing /EyeHandy.com

A new website aims to encourage men to do household chores - by offering instruction videos featuring scantily clad models

Boring tasks such as unshrinking clothes and changing a car tyre are demonstrated by lingerie-clad girls, reports The Sun.

Other jobs tackled in the videos include waxing a surf board, removing gaffer tape, preventing bathroom mirrors steaming up during a shower and changing guitar strings.

As well as getting the girls to demonstrate the techniques, EyeHandy.com also provides a list of tools needed to complete the tasks.

The site is the brainchild of US video producer Alex Merriman, 26, who says he wanted to provide a fun and informative experience for viewers.

The site currently has 15 how-to videos and plans to add a new one each week.