Quirky News

  • 18 March 2013, 11:31

Human statue punches heckler in face

A video of a prankster getting punched in the mouth after winding up a 'human statue' street entertainer has gone viral online.

The clip of the unfortunate joker getting more than he bargained for from a silver-painted cowboy has notched up more than 4.3 million hits on YouTube.

The man started by playing with the street performer's hat and poking him in the face, as he entertained passers-by in Surfer's Paradise on Australia's Gold Coast.

At one point an onlooker can be heard shouting: "Hey, leave him alone!", but the prankster takes no notice.

Taking his routine to another level, he licks his finger and puts it in the artist's ear before wiping his hand on the man's face.

That was the final straw for the 'statue' who fires off a fast right hook, catching the man full in the face and almost knocking him to the ground.