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  • 18 April 2012, 10:09

Husband shocked to see wife in porn film

Angry /Rex

An Egyptian man who watched a porn film for the first time got the shock of his life when he found the star was his own wife.

Ramadan, from Dakhalia, reportedly collapsed in disbelief on the floor at an internet shop, reports Emirates 247.

When he recovered his composure, he rushed home to face his wife who initially denied his accusations.

But when he confronted her with the evidence she confessed to having betrayed him with her pre-marriage boy friend.

She admitted that she had never loved him - even thought they had been married for 16 years and had four children.

"I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover... It was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity," Ramadan told Egyptian newspapers.

"She first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films...

"She then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man."