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  • 9 May 2014, 10:53

Insect student creates bed bug tattoo

Bed bug tattoo /Pinterest

A US insect student found a new way of giving himself a temporary tattoo - with thousands of bed bugs.

Matt Camper, an urban entomologist at Colorado State University, created a bed bug tattoo gun from a jar, wire mesh and bed bugs.

He created a bunny rabbit pattern on top of the part of the jar that allows the bugs access to human flesh.

And after leaving it on his arm for long enough for the hungry insects to eat their fill, a clear rabbit tattoo eventually emerged.

Wildlife expert Ellie Harrison told the Outageous Acts of Science programme, on the Science Channel, that it took a couple of hours before the bed bug tattoo showed up on his skin.

"Two hours after the bed bugs have fed, the inflammatory response really kicks in and immune cells, like cytokines and histamines, will flood into the tissues from the blood, producing redness and swelling and heat," she said.

Biologist Chris Krishna-Pillay told the show that he liked the idea but disagreed with Camper's choice of design.

"If you're going to get bitten by a thousand bed bugs, a bunny rabbit is really a bit soft. You'd got to go for something a bit harder, maybe a skull and crossbones," he said.