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  • 22 June 2010, 8:54

Inventor creates amphibious bike

A Chinese engineer is hoping to market his latest invention - an amphibious bicycle.

Li Guowei, 63, of Wuhan, Hubei province, says the bike is super economical and could go on sale for as little as 60.

It is based on a normal bike design, with eight barrels for bouyancy, and a propeller at the back to push it forward in water.

Li's apprentice, Lei Zhiqian, has just completed a successful test ride in the Hanjiang River, reports Changjiang Daily.

Lei reportedly rode the bike on a return trip across the 1,000 metre-wide river in less than 30 minutes.

Li said the bike was the third generation of his invention. The first version sank in the river while the second was top heavy and difficult to steer in water.

But the third version had overcome these problems. After landing, the bike's buoyancy barrels can be folded away to ride on land like a normal bike.

"Anyone can ride this bike. It is cheap and very suitable as a family water transportation vehicle," added engineer Li.