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  • 27 February 2013, 11:04

Jellyfish set to be the latest bizarre pet?

Jellyfish /Rex

Jellyfish are becoming an unlikely new pet in British homes thanks to the creation of specialist aquariums.

A British company has manufactured a revolutionary new tank that can house up to 12 moon jellyfish.

The Cubic Jellyfish Aquarium is illuminated by multicolour LED lights that can be altered to match the decoration of a room to give the impression of a living lava lamp.

Simon Garrett, of Reef Eden International in Southampton, says he has sold out of the new tanks and is struggling to keep up with demand.

He said: "Previously people couldn't keep them because the aquariums weren't available, and they can't be kept in normal fish tanks because jellyfish require a current to swim.

"The systems that were available before were one-offs for big aquariums. This meant it cost tens of thousands of pounds for an organisation to have one made, but now we are manufacturing 50 to 100 at a time, it has brought the cost down massively."

However the tanks still don't come cheap as they cost 775, while moon jellyfish have to be purchased separately at prices from 30 to 40 each.