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  • 16 November 2012, 12:10

Joan Rivers mistaken for illegal immigrant

Joan Rivers /PA

Four UK border guards swooped on loudmouth comedian Joan Rivers as she disembarked from a fishing boat in Kent.

The star was filming for her US chat show when she was mistaken for an illegal immigrant trying to enter Britain.

Ms Rivers had been on a fishing trip off Faversham, when the party was questioned by the UK Border Agency.

The agency had received a tip-off regarding a suspicious group of people on two fishing trawlers, reports The Mirror.

Border agency staff went to the site - a notorious drop-off point for illegal immigrants - but instead found the star with her film crew.

They quizzed Ms Rivers, daughter Melissa and the crew for several minutes until they realised who she was.

Ms Rivers, 79, said: "Even though we were innocent I am so sorry they didn't arrest us. I love Englishmen and they were very cute!"

She had been invited to film in the area by her friend and fellow New Yorker, the Countess Sondes, owner of the nearby 6,900-acre Lees Court Estate.

Lady Sondes said: "It was a great comfort to know the Border Agency acted in an efficient and friendly manner."