Quirky News

  • 12 March 2014, 12:00

Joker makes Queen's Guard smile

A video of a joker succeeding in making a member of the Queen's Guard crack a smile is going viral on YouTube.

The Queen's Guard are are known for their ability to stand motionless and expressionless at attention outside royal residences in London.

Their discipline is challenged daily by tourists visiting the sites, and it appears one may have finally succeeded in breaching their strict protocol.

The culprit, identified only as Yankel, begins his offensive by taking up a position next to a soldier standing guard outside Horse Guards Parade.

"We were together in school, me and him. He went his own way," Yankel says as his friends record the encounter.

The soldier remains impassive as Yankel continues: "I remember in school, he used to sit by himself and read books. I was the guy fooling around."

A minute into the routine, the soldier begins to crack as Yankel tells how the soldier's mother would continue to pick him up from school until he was 20.

When the guard finally breaks into a smile, Yankel punches the sky screaming at this victory.