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  • 20 September 2012, 9:55

Kitten escapes death by a whisker

Shell /Rex

A 10-week-old kitten has been rescued after being trapped in a car's engine for three days.

When her car began to make a funny squeaking noise Elaine Talbot, from Bridgend in Wales, asked her mechanic neighbour to take a look.

She was shocked when he pulled a tiny oil covered kitten from beneath the bonnet.

It is thought that the tiny black and white cat, who has been christened Shell for her oily coat, was trapped in the car for several days.

During that time she survived a number of journeys, including a 14-mile trip, in the Daewoo Matiz car.

Caroline Roberts, wife of the mechanic neighbour, said: "She is one lucky cat - she escaped death by a whisker."
After being pulled out the youngster was taken to the nearby Cat Protection centre.

Rescue worker Sue Dobbs said: "I've heard of puss in boots but this was a puss under the bonnet.

"She was terrified, dehydrated and underweight. However, a warm bath and lots of TLC and she is well on the way to recovery."