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  • 24 May 2010, 9:32

Lawnmower breaks land speed record

A British lawnmower cut the world land speed record twice in a weekend - with a new top speed of nearly 88 mph.

Rider Don Wales took the petrol-driven mower into the record books at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire, reports the BBC.

He set a new record of 86.069 mph on Saturday before going even faster on Sunday, reaching 87.833 mph.

The previous lawnmower land speed record was 80.792mph, set in the United States in 2006.

The team said they ran out of time and were disappointed not to have managed 100 mph, but they were delighted to have set a new record.

In order to bid for the record on a lawnmower, participants must drive over a measured mile in one direction and return within an hour.

Any of the motorised grass cutters taking part must also be built primarily from lawnmower parts.

Mr Wales' grandfather was Sir Malcolm Campbell, who broke the world land speed record - in a car - at the same venue in 1924.

The record attempt, named Project RunningBlade, has been led by the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.

Mr Wales' high-spec machine includes parts from three different Countax mowers. According to Guinness World Records' rules, it must still be able to cut grass.