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  • 28 February 2013, 9:55

Lecturer broacasts porn across campus

Porn /Rex

A lecturer has been banned by a Dutch university after he accidentally ­broadcast a porn movie across campus.

The visiting professor forgot to unplug his laptop from the projector - unaware cameras recording his lecture were left on, reports The Mirror.

A student who later logged on to the university's streaming TV service saw the blue movie beamed on the wall behind the academic and spread the word.

A source from ­Wageningen ­University said: "It couldn't have been much worse.

"The projector was still on and the lectures are always recorded and put on online TV."

The semi-retired professor, 69, has not been ­identified but taught food chemistry.

A university spokesman said he would not lecture there again, adding: "It's forbidden to watch such sites here."