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  • 16 April 2013, 9:44

Lonely goat mistaken for screaming man

Police officers in Tennessee rushed out after a 911 call alerted them to a 'man screaming for help' - only to find a lonely goat.

A woman alerted police after arriving home in Putnam County and hearing what she thought were screams for help.

Police arrived to find a goat, which had been tied to a post, bleating at the top of its lungs, reports News Channel 5.

Carlos Mendez, who owns the goat, called Charcoal, said: "He's used to being with the other goats and we separated him. I guess he didn't want to be alone..."

Putnam County Chief Deputy Jacky Farley said that even the officers responding to the call thought the goat sounded like a human.

And he said officers would react in the same way if it happened again: "We have to take all calls seriously," he explained.