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  • 4 January 2013, 12:28

Long lost bike found inside tree

A 99-year-old US woman says she's finally found a bike her son lost half a century ago - inside a tree.

Helen Puz, of Vashon Island, Washington state, says she received the bike as a gift from neighbours after she was widowed in 1954.

"People were very sympathetic and generous," Mrs Puz told ABC News.

"We were given a girl's bike and my eight-year-old son Don seemed the natural one to ride it."

But young Don was apparently not too keen on riding a girl's bike and so conveniently "lost" it.

But Mrs Puz recently read about a bike that had been "swallowed up" in a tree and was now stuck in the trunk five feet off the ground.

She and the now adult Don visited the tree and confirmed the bike was indeed the one that Don lost so many years ago.