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  • 21 February 2013, 9:59

Love cheat caught out on 'street view'

Caught out /YouTube

A Russian love rat was caught out when his fiancée spotted him canoodling with another woman on Russia's answer to Google Street View.

Distraught Marina Voinova was searching for an address using Yandex Maps when she made the shocking discovery.

She immediately recognised Sasha, her partner of five years, in the picture taken last year when he was wearing a cast on his arm.

"When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to the computer and asked him to find that address in the map," she told LifeNews.ru.

"When the image loaded, Sasha's face changed in colour. I looked in his eyes, waiting for an explanation.

"At first I regretted searching for that address on the internet, but eventually realised that it was silly to blame the web for my boyfriend's unfaithfulness."

Link to Russian language video