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  • 10 April 2013, 10:36

Lucky escape for abandoned puppies

Puppies /Europics

Puppies abandoned in a suitcase were saved from being blown up as a suspected bomb when they began to yap at baffled explosives experts.

Suspicious passers by had dialled the local 999 number when they saw the case on a street corner in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

But as bomb disposal experts approached the bag, the pups began whimpering and yapping.

"They heard some noises coming from inside and then the bag started moving," explained police spokesman Jan Cihak.

"When they opened it they saw two mongrel puppies who were very pleased to see our men," he added.

The four-month-old pups are now recovering from their close shave at a local animal refuge centre.

"They're fit, healthy animals - a boy and a girl - and it seems their owner simply abandoned them in the street.

"We've had lots of calls from people who want to take them in," added Cihak.