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  • 2 November 2012, 12:00

Man fined for putting rubbish in bin

Bin /Rex

A litter-picking enthusiast who spends an hour of his own time each day tidying up rubbish was stunned to be fined 75 for putting refuse in a bin.

Council officials accused David Baker, 39, of Stourbridge, West Midlands, of fly-tipping, reports the Daily Telegraph.

They said he had used a public street bin to deposit a pizza box and junk mail - considered as "domestic waste".

The former geologist has gathered tonnes of rubbish dropped by strangers over the last six years, winning awards for his efforts.

He described his fine as "bureaucracy gone mad" and said the council seemed so "desperate for money" it would fine anybody.

Mr Baker said: "I think that it is completely outrageous that I should be fined for actually cleaning rubbish off the streets.

"How can people who actually want to put rubbish in the bin be fined? To claim that what I put in the bin amounts to fly-tipping is crazy.

"I moved to a town centre flat six years ago and got fed up with all the rubbish in the street.

"I am out at least an hour every day and do it all for free. I just think the council are desperate for money and have a mentality of fining people for anything at the moment."

Councillor Tracy Wood said: "Our enforcement officers issued a fixed penalty fine to Mr Baker in Stourbridge, after they found his domestic waste and letters in the litter bin on a number of occasions.

"However, we will be reviewing the fine and speaking to Mr Baker directly to discuss it."