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  • 6 December 2013, 11:27

Man invites offers for wife or Harley Davidson

Up for sale /Craigslist

A US man whose wife told him to choose between her and his Harley Davidson motorcycle is inviting offers for either online.

Bob White, of Charles City, Virgina, posted an ad on craigslist reading: "Wife says: 'Harley goes or she goes'... Your choice. Both in excellent condition: $5,900."

Mr White says he will consider best offers under his target price and also trade-ins. He is also offering either a pick-up or delivery service.

His humourous ad reads: "Sportster: 2006 XL1200L Sportster in excellent condition. Wife: 1959 model year in excellent condition, considering.

"Sportster: Only 6,500 miles (less than 900 miles per year!). Wife: High Mileage.

"Sportster: Well maintained... and it shows - see the pictures. Wife: High maintenance - and it shows - see the pictures."

He goes on to describe the Harley as "great for beginners or seasoned riders alike" and a "beautiful bike, pearl white with black and orange accent strips".

While his wife, who he does not name, is described as "the expert's only model" and "beautiful edition, white with a mean streak".

And he concludes: "Sportster: Come out and test ride before you buy. Wife: Don't even go there."