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  • 6 December 2012, 11:11

Man know more about cars than sex

Pants /Rex

Most men know more about what happens under their car bonnet than they do about their own bodies, according to a new survey.

Nine in ten were confident they could locate a car's oil dipstick but only half were able to identify key parts of their own anatomy.

Altogether 90% said they could locate a car's oil dipstick and 89% could point to the radiator, says research by the Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor.

But just 6% accurately identified the common causes of erectile dysfunction, with a third wrongly believing it was caused by wearing skinny jeans.

When asked to locate key sex organs, just 52% answered correctly in the survey of 1,500 men. Amazingly, one in 12 thought they were in the ear.

Dr Tom Brett, sexual health expert at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, said: "We all know that two of the most important things for many men are their sex life and their car.

"If the car's not performing properly, the British male is usually pretty confident he can get under the bonnet and solve the problem.

"But when it comes to the mechanics of their sex organs, men are clearly less likely to spot a potential problem."