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  • 4 March 2013, 12:10

Man literally pushes girlfriend over the edge

A video of a man pushing his girlfriend over the edge of a canyon, forcing her to sample 'the world's most insane rope swing', has been posted online.

The footage, shot by YouTube legend Devin Graham, features an unnamed woman tied to the 400ft rope swing, on the edge of the canyon in Utah.

The woman's boyfriend is seen standing behind her and appears to be doing his best to calm her down before she attempts the stunt.

As she tries to back out at the last moment, the man decides to push her off himself and send her flying down the canyon.

"I'm breaking up with you!" she shouted, with her words echoing through the canyon.

The incident is shown as part of footage of a group of thrill seekers setting and up and then trying out the spectacular rope swing in a slot canyon in southern Utah.

Mr Graham, who says he is afraid of heights, decided to organise the film shoot as a follow-up to his viral video of a 150ft rope swing which notched up more than 16m hits last year.

The latest version has already notched up nearly 7m views in just a few days with a second film about the making of the film - which shows the girl being pushed off the edge - attracting close to another 1m hits.