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  • 16 August 2011, 9:29

Man makes a tank at home

Home-made tank /Quirky China News

A Chinese man spent seven months and the equivalent of 80,000 making a tank at home.

Hao Jinxi, of Hangzhou, capital of southern China's Zhejiang Province, says his tank is an authentic copy of a Russian T62.

It features camouflage paint, a realistic-looking gun, thick caterpillar tread and a top speed of 10mph.

The gun works - but shoots a mixture of oxygen and ethane gas instead of shells.

"The fire power is not dangerous at all," said Hao. "It is purely made for entertainment."

Hau, who runs a company which makes sightseeing trains for tourists, said he hoped the tanks would prove to be a profitable new venture.

The first one had already been sold - to a desert park in Inner Mongolia - which wanted another 30 if the first one proved successful.

"The park wants sight-seeing tanks to give tourists a desert tour with a difference," Hao added.

"I had never made a tank before but I really enjoyed the challenge. My next plan is to build a plane that actually flies."