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  • 28 April 2014, 9:13

Man punished for playing Celine Dion too loudly


A man has had sound equipment worth 3000 confiscated by the council after a neighbour complained about him blaring Celine Dion's power ballads.

Gareth Davies, a former window salesman from Kent, claims he is being victimised simply for listening to guilty pleasures. Not only does My Heart Will Go On appear to be one of his favourites, but Boom Shack-A-Lak by Apache Indian and You've Got A Friend In Me, the theme song from Toy Story, are also believed to be at the top of the 47-year-old's most played list.

It felt like it was a witch hunt,' said Davies, who also had his iPod, speakers, 3D TV and PlayStation3 removed by Medway Council.

'People have the right to lead a peaceful existence without it being ruined by loud music,' said Peter Hicks, the council's portfolio holder for community safety.

'Anyone who blasts out music or creates other noise nuisance should let this be a warning to them.'

He will be able to apply for the return of the rest of his gear after 28 days, So his heart may still well go on after all.