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  • 15 February 2013, 11:36

Man takes a dip in hotel fish tank

Tanked up /YouTube

A video of a man going for a swim in a Channel Islands hotel's tropical fish tank is going viral online.

The hotel guest, seemingly the worse for drink, clambers fully clothed into the 12,000 litre aquarium in a hotel lobby.

He then swims and paddles around - as his giggling pals capture the moment on their mobile phones, reports The Mirror.

The joker, known only as Matt, was then ordered out of the tank and escorted from the foyer by a furious security guard.

The incident took place at the 184 a night four-star Radisson Blu hotel in St Helier, Jersey

A spokeswoman for the hotel said: "It was a dangerous stunt for all involved - including the fish."

However, she added that all the fish were unharmed.

It has been posted on YouTube where one viewer commented: "They should have filled the tank with piranhas."