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  • 26 November 2010, 11:21

Man threatens to repossess ex's implants

Breast implants /PA

A German man is demanding his ex-girlfriend pays him back the money he spent on buying her breast implants.

The man, named by his first name Carsten in Bild newspaper, paid for his then girlfriend's breast augmentation procedure in 2009.

His ex, Anastasia, says she now fears her breasts will be repossessed unless she refunds him the 3,700 cost of the operation.

Anastasia admitted that she signed a written agreement with Carsten saying that she would stay with him for at least a year if he paid for the implants.

But they broke up soon after Anastasia had the breast augmentation and Carsten now wants his money back.

Anastasia, 20, told reporters she had already transferred the equivalent of 2,500 into his bank account.

She was worried that Carsten would call the police and get repossesors involved if she failed to pay up.