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  • 19 December 2013, 13:05

Meet the Barbie of Bradford

Lhouraii Li /Barcroft Media

A 21-year-old Bradford woman spends up to four hours every day making herself look like a real life Barbie doll.

Lhouraii Li wears special contact lenses and fake eyelashes to make her eyes more doll like and clever make-up to contour her face.

And she is so attached to her look that she never leaves her home without a full-face of make-up - even just to pop to the shops.

Miss Li says she has no plans to tone down her look as she gets older and plans to mature gracefully into a middle-aged doll.

She said: "It's not a chore to do. People get up and watch television, I get up and do my makeup and I find it just as entertaining."

Miss Li, who says her look is influenced by unicorns, fairies, Japanese fashion and Disney princesses as well as Barbie, hasn't always looked like this.

She reveals: "I was a goth at one point. And then that got a lot of stares and more hate than this."

Miss Li has even started uploading make-up tutorials on YouTube and has already attracted more than 6,000 followers and averages 20,000 views per video.

She added: "Obviously some people say bad things but I kind of switch off from it a lot - I'll look around and everyone will just be staring at me. People sing 'I'm a Barbie girl' and I'll finish it."