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  • 12 July 2013, 9:17

Milkman banned from whistling

Milkman PA

A Leicester milkman has been banned from whistling on his early-morning round after complaints from residents.

Kevin Gifford's bosses took the action after five people complained about him whistling his favourite songs, including God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols, Love To Love You Baby by Donna Summer and King Creole by Elvis Presley.

Delivering to 340 houses a day, the 52-year-old said four of the complaints were not even from customers, saying that they had accused him of breaching the peace "or something ridiculous".

The father of three complained to The Sun that a whistling milkman was a "part of British life", and for the dairy to issue him with a formal warning was "madness".

"Are they going to complain about the birds singing as well?" Mr Gifford asked. "They make more noise than I do".

He complained that the warning from Kirby & West Dairy was effectively a ban as it stated he had to be quiet until 8am, when he had almost finished his rounds.

His bosses confirmed that he had been disciplined, but insisted that they had not threatened to dismiss him.