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  • 10 September 2010, 12:01

Miss Mafia beauty show

Miss Mafia

Organisers are holding what is understood to be the first ever pageant exclusively for girls convicted of Mafia-connected crimes.

Contestants are allowed to post their pictures on the contest website only after submitting a police mugshot to prove their background, reports CEN.

Other vital statistics submitted to judges in Budapest, Hungary, include charges and time spent behind bars.

One finalist - identified as Anna - said: "I was told by my friends several times to go in for a beauty contest. But I couldn't because they rule out anyone with a criminal record."

The winner - who gets a car and an apartment in Budapest - will be decided at a finals pageant at a bar that was once bombed out in a Mafia clan fight.

"We have thieves, fraudsters, gang members bank robbers and swindlers so it should be an interesting night," said one organiser.