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  • 9 January 2013, 12:34

Models pose underwater with whale sharks

Models in swimwear posed alongside whale sharks in the Philippines to raise awareness about poaching of the world's biggest fish.

Models Hannah Fraser and Roberta Mancino swam underwater with 30ft whale sharks in Oslob for the unique photoshoot, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Photographer Kristian Schmidt followed the models under the sea to capture the images, which had been four months in the planning.

As well as capturing extraordinary photographs, the shoot aimed to raise awareness about the plight of the whale sharks which are often the victims of poaching.

The photographers tracked the whale sharks down by tapping the knowledge of locals in the Philippines, who have developed a bond with the whale sharks.

Local fishermen often feed the whale sharks in shallow waters with handfuls of shrimp, which meant they could attract the fish to the photographers' location.