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  • 24 January 2014, 11:07

Most annoying office jargon revealed

Social notworking, deja brew and blue sky drinking all rank amongst the most irritating new work jargon, according to a new study.

Researchers asked 2,000 people about their opinions on office jargon and the phrases they find most irksome.

Over a quarter of Brits (26%) cited the term 'social notworking' - the art of appearing to be hard at work whilst messing about on Facebook and Twitter as the most irritating new jargon term.

It was closely followed by 'deja brew', the seemingly kind offer to make a colleague a cup of tea, when you know that they have just had one and are therefore likely to decline.

The top three is completed by 'blue sky drinking', a term used to describe an unlimited free bar at a work party.

The study reveals that men are most likely to use jargon on a regular basis (43% compared with 11% of women). The sales team is the most likely department to use office jargon (51%), followed by marketing/creative (37%) and IT (29%).

The survey was commissioned by UKTV channel Dave to mark the launch of legal comedy drama Suits series 3.

Dave general manager Steve North said: "Office workers may find jargon irritating after hearing it for the tenth time in a day but no one can deny that workplace jargon has also got wittier and funnier over the years."

The top 10 most irrritating office jargon in full:

1. Social notworking - messing around on Facebook and Twitter to avoid doing work - 26%
2. Deja brew - offering to make someone a cup of tea when you know for a fact they've just had one in the hope they will decline - 21%
3. Blue sky drinking - an unlimited free bar at a work party - 18%
4. Drainstorm - a poorly organised workshop, where everyone leaves feeling deflated - 15%
5. Human desourcing - sacking people - 12%
6. Jambivalence - ignoring a printer blockage in the hope that someone else will fix it - 12%
7. Google naps - using Google to work out what time colleagues in the US will be sleeping, to avoid them replying to emails - 11%
8. WTF?! - the realisation that it is only Tuesday, and you have 'Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?!' still to do - 9%
9. Stock home syndrome - pinching stuff from the office - 7%
10. Shout-of-office - Someone who wants every single person in the building to know they are off on holiday - 6%