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  • 29 January 2013, 10:08

Naked snowboarding takes off

Naked /Europics

Snowboarding fans are nipping onto Facebook for a sneak peak at the latest bizarre trend - mountain-top snaps in the nude.

Followers have to submit a picture of themselves and their friends stripped off on a mountain peak.

The fans - all freeboarding off-piste snowboarders - began the movement in Switzerland but say it's spreading all over Europe.

One follower Morgane said after uploading her own nude snaps: "I just found the page by chance and I thought the pictures were really funny and not distasteful at all.

"That's why when I told my friends we decided to do our own snap and submit it as well."

Another called Emilien added: "I thought it was a really great idea and it was a lot of fun."