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  • 22 October 2012, 10:47

Naked tube passenger unmasked

Naked passenger /Europics

A woman who astonished commuters by riding an underground train wearing just a pair of kinky boots in Austria has been unmasked.

Dozens of callers responded to a plea from transport chiefs in Vienna and identified the woman as 38-year-old woman called Eva who works for a sales company.

A nationwide hunt for her began last week when she got on to the Vienna U-Bahn near the Kardinal-Nagl-Platz station and stood naked in the middle of the carriage.

Smiling for commuters as they snapped away with their cameras and phones, she disappeared just as quickly a few stops later.

"She is a happy go lucky kind of person and likes to have fun. It was either a spontaneous idea or perhaps she lost a bet," one friend told local media.

"She is usually blond. It seems she dyed her hair for the occasion," they added.

Despite freezing temperatures in Vienna the woman had nothing more than a warm smile to keep out the cold.

The city's public transit operators Wiener Linien told local media: 'We know that everyone has a different perception of temperature. But we don't believe it's so warm in our subways that you have to take your clothes off."

But the official plea to identify 'Eva' has baffled fellow commuters.

"It was a lovely way to start the day and they should leave her alone," said one. "She didn't seem to be carrying a ticket, but then where would she have put one."