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  • 9 January 2014, 10:42

New app that can park a car

Car park PA

A new app has been announced that can park cars for drivers struggling to reverse into tight spots.

The Driverless Car Experience app was unveiled by Bosch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, reports the Metro.

Drivers will just have to swipe a virtual image on their smartphone and the app does the rest.

Sensors in the car scan the available space and then take control to either reverse into a bay or parallel park.

Bosch engineering manager Fred Sejalon said: "The driver can stay in the vehicle or step out and, using their smartphone, let the vehicle do the rest.

"This is good news for anybody who doesn't feel comfortable parallel parking."

The app will be available from next year and can also be used to make sure drivers stay in the correct lane on motorways.