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  • 4 October 2012, 10:21

New beer is made from bull testicles

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout /Ext

A US brewery which announced it was making beer out of bull testicles as an April Fool's Day stunt has now done it for real.

The Wynkoop Brewing Company, in Denver, Colorado, has named its creation Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.

Head brewer Andy Brown said: "Yes, the beer was inspired by our April Fools spoof video this spring, in which we claimed to have released a beer made with bull testicles.

"When we sent out the press release and the video link last April, we heard from brewers and beer writers who thought the beer was for real and loved the idea.

"So we've turned our joke into a reality. We've been making ballsy beer for the past few years. And this is great proof of that."

Mr Brown described the beer as an "assertive foreign-style stout, slightly viscous, with a deep brown colour".

"It has equally deep flavors of chocolate syrup, Kahlua, and espresso, along with a palpable level of alcohol and a savory umami-like note. It finishes dry and roasted with a fast-fading hop bite," he added.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, named after the local name for fried bull's testicles - a delicacy in Colorado, goes on sale at the brewery's pub in Denver on 8 October.