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  • 14 May 2013, 12:59

New pants hide 'unsightly cracks'

PolyPants /Ext

Polycell has designed special underpants for men and women - to stop 'unsightly cracks' from showing.

The aptly named PolyPants have a higher, more secure waistband to protect the wearer's modesty.

It comes as the company, which manufactures Polyfilla, has commissioned research revealing that 55% of British adults admit to accidentally showing their bums in public.

From those surveyed, 61% of men admitted to offending compared to 47% of the women.

The study shows that builders are perceived as the biggest culprits when it comes to accidentally exposing their derrieres.

But young people with baggy trousers came in a close second followed by ladies wearing low-rise skinny jeans.

The average Brit is apparently exposed to a backside more than three times a week and 24%)of us are disgusted by the sight, compared to 18% who just find it irritating.

Two thirds of Brits claimed they would feel embarrassed if they unwittingly committed the offence , with women (79%) feeling more embarrassed than men (52%).

However, a small percentage of over 55's (7%) admitted they actually felt 'cool' when they showed off their bums.

Polycell Senior Brand Manager Samantha Balloch says: "Polycell is campaigning to rid the nation of unsightly cracks.

"It's not fair that exposed bumcracks are often referred to as a 'builder's bum' when there are many more offenders."