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  • 6 May 2010, 11:46

Noah's Ark - made out of plastic bottles

A Chinese man has embarked on a planned near 1,000 mile voyage in a boat he has made out of plastic soft drink bottles.

Xia Yu, 37, set off in his boat - the Noah's Ark - from the port of Xiangtan in Hunan provice and hopes to complete his journey to Shanghai in 45 days.

Xia runs a tea house in Xiangtan and came up with the idea as a way of making use of all of the empty drinks bottles left by customers, reports Sanxiang Metropolis News.

"Every day customers would consume a lot of drinks in my shop, and leave the empty bottles behind. I thought it was such a waste and one day, I came up the idea of building a boat," he said.

He first built a five metre long boat out of 1,500 bottles last year and successfully completed a 35 mile maiden voyage to Changsha.

That trip gave him the confidence for a more ambitious journey, so he set about building the seven metre long Noah's Ark out of 2,010 bottles and 50kg of steel wire to sail to Shanghai for the Expo festival.

His new boat uses seven sails - the largest of which is five metres high - and has chairs for its six man crew.

The boat will be powered by only wind power and oars during its epic voyage as Xia wants to promote recycling and a low carbon lifestyle.

The Noah's Ark will visit ten major cities during its journey with the legend "Low carbon life, beautiful world, Expo", emblazoned on its main sail.