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  • 3 December 2012, 12:52

North Korea 'finds unicorn's lair'

Unicorn /Rex

North Korea's official state news agency is reporting that archaeologists have found a unicorn's lair.

The unicorn was said to have been ridden by the ancient Korean King Tongmyong, founder of a kingdom which ruled parts of China and the Korean peninsula.

Normally, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) specialises in reports on the totalitarian state's unparalleled achievements and love for its leaders, reports The Guardian.

But it now claims that archaeologists in Pyongyang have "recently reconfirmed" a unicorn's lair.

The KCNA says it lies 200 metres from a temple in the North Korean capital, adding: "A rectangular rock carved with words 'Unicorn Lair' stands in front of the lair.

"The carved words are believed to date back to the period of Koryo Kingdom (918-1392)," says the report.

Archaeologists from the Academy of Social Sciences at North Korea's History Institute were credited with making the discovery.