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  • 1 August 2012, 9:11

Olympic rings crackdown protest

Rings /Rex

Campaigners are staging an online protest against what they say is a heavy-handed crackdown on use of the Olympic rings.

The Revenge of the Rings blog features people's own interpretations of the five rings.

It was created following a case where council officials asked a Camberwell café owner to remove Olympic rings made of bagels from his window.

New versions of the rings on the blog have been created from materials including bicycle wheels, toilet rolls, Cheerios and doughnuts.

Other wacky submissions include fruits, rubber rings, coasters and horse excrement deposited on a road.

A spokesman said: "The people unite in protest against Seb Coe's Olympic brand police who have threatened to hand out hefty fines to any business found misusing the official Olympic rings.

"As community wardens raid local bakeries for unauthorised bagel displays, Revenge of the Rings is a call to arms for people to rally against the totalitarian clampdown on normal people and businesses using the Olympic rings.

"No longer should people bow down to restraints put on our Olympic rings by multi-million pound sponsorship deals. Revenge of the Rings brings ownership back to the people!"