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  • 19 December 2012, 12:06

Orphaned cheetah cub wins hearts

Cheetah cub /Europics

An adorable orphaned two-month-old cheetah cub is the new star attraction at a zoo in Poland.

The cub is being hand reared by keepers at Lodz Zoo after her mum rejected her shortly after she was born.

The youngster - who does not yet have a name - is already nearly 8lbs (3.5kg) and thriving after a month in an incubator.

But she seems happy to snuggle down for a cat nap as her new human foster parents give her a cuddle.

Zoo spokesman Mariusz Zientalski said: "Cheetahs are very difficult to reproduce in captivity. This is the first we've had in 17 years.

"She is very lively, intelligent, and tactile - she loves being cuddled and has adapted to her new conditions very quickly and very well.

"For some reason her mother Zele stopped feeding her and stopped looking after her.

"The cub's life really hung in the balance for a while but she's survived and has really taken to her alternative lifestyle," she added.