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  • 14 March 2013, 11:46

Panda porn pays off for conservationists

Pandas /Europics

Conservationists are cock-a-hoop in China after a shy pair of pandas successfully mated after watched a 'wildlife porn' video.

Vets at the Panda Breeding and Research Base in Chengdu, Sichuan province, were worried when inexperienced five-year-old female Colin kept rejecting her mate,Yongyong.

So they played the played the pair a film of pandas doing what comes naturally to show them what they should be up to.

"Every time Yongyong tried to mount her, Colin fought him off and we were worried she was going to miss her very short, three-day breeding cycle," said a spokesman for the centre.

"So we played them the film and she took great interest in it. After that there was no stopping her and they mated successfully."

One vet at the centre explained: "Colin is in her first year of sexual maturity.

"In the wild she would have seen lots of other pandas mating so it's no wonder that she needed a bit of help."