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  • 13 September 2012, 12:39

Parents offered childcare to make time for sex

Danish nursery workers are offering free childcare - so busy parents can find the time to make more babies.

They have promised two hours' free childcare on Thursday evening, so parents can go to bed, reports the BBC.

Dorte Nyman, of the Grasshoppers kindergarten in North Fyn, said the country's low birthrate was threatening the future of local nurseries.

She expected nearly half of the nursery's families to accept the offer.

"We have 42 children in the kindergarten, and we'll be looking after 20 tonight," she said.

If any of them ask what the party is for, "we'll tell them it's to give the parents a chance to speak at home", she added.

Six other kindergartens in the area are also offering the same service, for one night only - but it could be repeated if it proves successful.

The Danish birthrate is languishing at 185th out of 221 countries in the world - however there is no guarantee that parents taking advantage of the offer will use the time for its intended purpose.

"Lots say: 'We'll bring our children to the party but you won't be getting any more children out of us!'" said Ms Nyman.