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  • 14 June 2013, 10:59

Plumber adds jet engine to pushbike

A Lincolnshire plumber has modified a bicycle to reach speeds of up to 50mph - by fixing a jet engine on the back.

Colin Furze, 32, who already holds three Guinness World Record titles for his inventions, modified his friend's mother's old Raleigh pushbike.

He unveiled his latest creation on YouTube where it has attracted more than 200,000 hits.

Mr Furze, who nicknamed the modified bicycle Norah after its owner, attached a jet engine to the back and extended the frame so the rider is a safe distance away from the heat.

He spent four months working on the bicycle, then tested it out in a local airfield.

The pulse jet uses the same technology as the V1 Doodlebug bombs, used during the Second World War.

"This is my craziest creation yet and the scariest one to ride," said Mr Furze who also invented the world's fastest mobility scooter, fastest pushchair and longest motorbike.

"My friend's mum was throwing out her bicycle, which she had ridden into town every day and loved so I decided to give it a new life.

"I had to lengthen the frame by about a metre as the heat the jet engine chucks out is immense and I didn't want to be sitting on top of it.

"It's quite pleasant to ride at speeds of up to 35mph but after 40mph it is very shaky and extremely difficult to control. It has a mind of its own and goes where it wants."