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  • 1 November 2011, 9:43

Pole-dancing dinner lady shocks pupils

Pole dancer /Rex

Pupils at a Swedish school were shocked when a dinner lady responded to complaints about the food by performing a pole dance.

Per Rostgaard Evald, principal of the school in the small town of Östhammarnear, near Uppsala, admitted school meals had not been up to scratch.

He sided with students who had complained the food was inedible - when one of the dinner ladies decided she had had enough.

"One of the canteen ladies removed her apron, unzipped her trousers, let down her hair and started moving up and down against a pole like a pole dancer," he told local paper Upsala Nya Tidning.

The canteen staff had been trying to heat up some pancakes for hungry students, after the food on the menu was declared inedible.

However, the pancakes were served still frozen in the middle and more complaints ensued.

That's when one of the canteen staff became fed up and decided to address the complaints with a rather unorthodox response.

"The school's social welfare officer tried to tell her this is not acceptable behaviour, but she just kept on dancing," said Rostgaard Evald to the paper.

"Today the matter took an extreme turn and it is obvious something has to be done."