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  • 17 January 2013, 10:02

Police dogs to be given shoes

Rico /Europics

Police dogs are to be issued with shoes to protect their paws from broken glass at riots and crime scenes after successful trials in Germany.

The protective boots - attached with velcro - are lined with a thin coating of stab proof material to make sure the dogs are not injured in violent situations like clashes with football hooligans.

A trial of 12 dogs - led by four-year-old German Shepherd Rico (pictured) - showed the animals were less likely to be injured with the boots in place.

Head dog handler Thomas Schulte explained that the real life hush puppies were not a fahsion trend.

"This is not fashion frippery. It is purely a protective measure," he said.

"Dogs' paws are sensitive and easily damaged. They can easily cut themselves on broken glass and a bad cut can put a police dog are out of action for six months while they recover," he added.

But the hardest part of the trial was persuading the long arm of the paw to keep the things on.

"When they first try them on they just pull them off with their teeth. They need about two weeks to adapt," said Schulte.